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Sponsorships program
MACAO has the sole objective of facilitating children into a sustainable long term education program. The majority of these children have either no parents or a very difficult family situation, and no hope of a reasonable education, without outside assistance. The program needs to be sustainable so that it is not dependent on any one person being based in Arusha.
Through sponsorship into one of the schools that MACAO works with in Loliondo Arusha Region, the children are able to learn the reading, writing, and mathematical skills that give them the opportunity to go onto either secondary schooling, further employment, or tertiary education. Going to school gives them confidence, security, and hope.  For many, their school provides the only meal they will have during the day. Sponsorship through MACAO also provides the children with much needed mental and emotional support and guidance as they mature into young adults. MACAO incorporates workshops and discussions about various topics, including goal setting and health awareness, a regular part of the children’s schooling.
Our belief is that helping these children by providing an education, means they in turn may go onto help many others, and have the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and for those around them. MACAO is a web based initiative, which is what makes it sustainable. All donations or sponsorship funds are paid to MACAO.
MACAO pays the tuition fees each semester to the schools, and has relationships with local stationary and uniform companies to provide the necessary supplies for each child.
School reports, photos, and any relevant news concerning the children are directed to the sponsor, by email, as are invoices and donation requests.  Photos are sent by email and also posted on the gallery page. Correspondence with the sponsor child is also via email.
If you would prefer to sponsor a child, then please contact us. loliondoproject@gmail.com
All donations, or fundraising initiatives are welcome. These go towards:
  • Buying urgent items for children whose sponsors cannot afford any extras. This includes uniforms, school stationery, sports shoes, day clothes, boarding items etc.
  • Covering the transition to boarding fees for children whose home situation becomes an extreme emergency.
  • The guarantee for the children of being able to continue at school if a sponsor defaults. This is one of the primary reasons for setting up Macao, so that the children will always have the security of their education.
  • Medical Clinic payments for emergencies.
  • General Health and or Dentist checkups.
  • Extended family support in dire situations to ensure the child may still attend school. (Transport Costs, Food).
  • English and other private tuition for Adult Students / Caregivers on special request.
  • A Christmas fund so that all Macao children can have a small gift or toy at Christmas time, along with a food package for their guardian or caregiver.
For fundraising ideas, please contact us and we can send you some suggestions that are easy and effective.
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