Mission - MACAO Tanzania: a Malezi HIV/AIDS Care Awareness Organization (NGO)

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About Us
School in Ngorongoro
School in Ngorongoro

Our mission is to provide opportunities to people to enjoy their lives through effective care and education regarding HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and other widespread diseases, and to ensure that all orphans and underprivileged children in the community are able to complete primary and secondary school education.

Our Current Objectives

To establish rehabilitation centers for orphans, widows, disabled, and other marginalized persons.
To establish a MACAO owned office, ending the need to spend funds on renting.
Through partnership with USA volunteers, MACAO succeeded to create HIV/AIDS awareness among Maasai community and their neighbors.

Behavioral Change Education

MACAO Program has carried out HIV/AIDS awareness work since its inception to date, for example, whenever community workers make home visits or small groups’ discussions. Local communities are now well informed about how HIV is transmitted.
There is always a gap, however, between knowledge and practices where HIV is concerned; the program has adopted the behavior change approach aims to equip people with the life skills they need to make positive choice about their lives, and to minimize the risks to their health and wellbeing.

This approach which was developed by Sister Jane Song with other volunteers while working with Ngorongoro District is  a center to behavioral change; it is frank and honest, self assessable for individual’s attitudes, behavior, and risks with which these represent to the attainment of their hopes and goals in life.

Ngorongoro Volunteers
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