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MACAO Volunteers

In our communities, many schools, hospitals and organizations are constantly understaffed. These organizations are in desperate need of international volunteers. Our volunteer programs are designed to help the local communities at the same time of providing a rewarding learning and living experience to our international volunteers. We have flexible start dates/durations, and customized volunteer programs tailored just for you. Please see below for possible volunteer locations and work placements.
Volunteer Locations
Our intern/volunteers work placements include the following major categories:
    • Orphanage Work
    • Caring for the Elderly
    • Caring for the Disabled
    • Developing Business Plans
    • Women’s Empowerment
    • Sharing Your Skills
    • Medical Placement
    • Assisting Health Professionals
    • HIV/AIDS Testing
    • HIV/AIDS Counselling
    • Awareness Campaigns
    • Caring for the HIV Infected
    • Conducting HIV lessons
(5) Journalism Works
    • Reporting
    • Interviewing
    • Working as Photographer
    • Working as Editor or Assistant Editor
    • Proof Reading
    • Providing Loans to People Living in Poverty
    • Attending Meetings of Local Community Groups
    • Checking on the Eligibility of Members Seeking Loans
    • Writing Reports about the Financial Flows
    • Assisting in Any Legal Requirement in case of Default
    • Writing Project Proposal to Potential Donors
    • Assisting to Initiate Income Generating Projects
    • Teaching Children
    • Tutoring Help
    • Teaching English
    • Sharing Your Skills
    • Sports Education
    • Special Education
    • Assisting at Local Tourism Sites
    • Assisting Local Tour Guides
    • Working at Local Travel Agencies, Hotels, and Restaurants
(9) Wildlife and Environmental Works
    • Caring for Injured Wildlife
    • Wildlife Research
    • Natural Forest Conservation Projects
    • Tree Nursery

More work choices may be available upon request. Also, please note that not all work placements are available at all locations. Certain work placements have less flexible work schedule or duration, but many works can be very flexible.
If you would prefer to volunteer, then please contact us.
Program Fees
Our fees are the lowest in Macao volunteers program and extremely affordable. Program fees mainly help us cover the variable costs, such as meals, accommodation, orientation, etc. Program fees vary according to the length of your program.
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