MACAO Tanzania: a Malezi HIV/AIDS Care Awareness Organization (NGO)

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Malezi AIDS Care Awareness Organization (MACAO) is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA),Orphans or Vulnerable Children (OVC), and other people who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS disease.

MACAO works from the belief that all people should be able to love their life and be a part society regardless of age or race. MACAO believes that all people are entitled to the basic rights of access to food, security, education, vocational training, healthcare, shelter, employment, and participation in community development.


About MACAO...

MACAO is a humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) working in the Arusha region of Northern Tanzania. The MACAO Head Office is in Arusha and was established in 2003. Since then MACAO has been working in partnership with the local community, district and national governments, and other local and international institutions to improve the lives of indigenous pastoral Maasai communities in the Arusha Region. 

What we do...
  • To improve the living standard of the indigenous pastoral people by providing assistance in social services such as education, water, and sanitation
  • Sponsoring a child through MACAO supplies them with the school fees, transportation, basic school uniform, shoes, and stationery for an education that will then enable them to make a change for their future.
  • Food security program and Health Care Research program
  • Environment Research program
  • Maasai Traditional Research and Human Rights and sustainable economic development by strengthening their livelihoods 
  • Worm Eradication, Hand Washing, and Toilet Construction program
  • To improve animal husbandry practices which is the basic source of survival by providing adequate services required by the stakeholders                                             
  • HIV/AIDS outreach prevention program
  • To cooperate with other international organizations with similar vision of facilitating development to this marginalized Pastoral Community.
  • To build and develop capacities to address health needs including the threat of HIV/AIDs.

What YOU can do... 
  • MACAO is always seeking Donors, Volunteers, University and Institutional support in our mission to empower the indigenous Maasai pastoralists of Arusha, Tanzania. The challenging thing here is the people are very poor.
  • MACAO belief is that helping people by providing an education, means, water, and sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness they will have the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and for those around them.

Needy Communities...
The community of Loliondo is a community in need. There are many orphans who cannot access the basic rights of food, security, education or health, and these children are often ostracized from their communities. MACAO supports the people in need so that they can access their basic rights.

Maasai people are the main ethnic group within the Ngorongoro district. MACAO has a field office located within the Loliondo Division and focuses on two Wards, Orgosorok and Soitisambu. These areas have high unemployment rates and poor health statistics. Many of the people living within this area are Maasai pastoralists. MACAO has researched the area and it has become clear that HIV/AIDS is spreading through this community at an alarmingly rate. Reasons for Loliondo’s problem with HIV/AIDS include Maasai cultural practices and the Maasai Tribal Structural system, including; polygamy, sexual behavior between Maasai age mates, Female Genital Mutilation and traditional dance routines (known as ‘Esoto’) which encourages unprotected sex between teenagers.

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MACAO Tanzania Students
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